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  • Thank you for your frequent listings of relevant jobs. Your service is helpful!

    Tom Gibbons, Water professional
  • This site and the information you have been passing through have become quite handy. The education corner also provides useful training opportunities which one needs to take advantage of. Thank you.

    Billy Makakole, Hydrologist
  • I have had great candidates submitted. They may not match our immediate need but many will be useful in the future.

    Claudia, Staffing
  • I have received more candidates from the free services of Get Hydrology Jobs than I have for any of the paid services we have tried. Thank you for being available, it is VERY helpful when we are seeking candidates. What a great service.

    Bonnie Salyer, Human Resources
  • I find your website very useful for searching for hydrology-related jobs. It is an excellent source of information.

    Srinivasulu Ale, Post-Doc
  • Good communication and information. Thank you for the service.

    Gabriele Baroni, Future Hydrologist
  • This web site is helpful to me in identifying suitable vacancies in my area of interest. Keep up the good work. More people like me will benefit from this site on a daily basis in the hydrology field.

    Deepal Gunawardena, Engineer
  • The displayed jobs are very interesting. This website has been useful to me.

    Oliver, PhD Student
  • It is nice to see how many organizations are looking to staff up with hydrology minded people. Unfortunately, I am reinventing myself at the moment, thus I don't have the experience required for 95% of the jobs posted. Thanks for the stream of information, I only wish I could put it to better use.

    David O'Neal, Aspiring Hydrologist
  • As someone who is getting ready to finish school, I am seriously looking for job. Get Hydrology Jobs has enabled me to search for jobs closely related to my field of study. I have sent many applications to various companies in the US through the website. Although I have not yet been hired by anyone, I believe Get Hydrology Jobs is a very useful place to look for job.

    John Apambilla Akudago, PhD Student
  • Awesome site! Keep it going!

    Amy Edwards, Hydrologic Technician
  • Good job. Keep it up.

    James otoo, Student
  • You have good announcements, although there are not that many in the NYC area. I appreciate what you have organized and put together.

    Hunter Birckhead, Civil Engineer/ Hydrologist
  • Your site gives very useful information, offers a lot of jobs, is very easy to search, read and collect needed data. Thank you very much.

    Tanya Kozak, Civil Engineer
  • I like the user interface of your website. There seems to be a number of new postings on a regular basis. Unfortunately not in my local area that I am currently interested in at this time, but enjoy keeping an eye on available water jobs!

    Mike Eytel, Water Resources Spec
  • As a graduating student already looking for jobs I think that your website and regular newsletters are a great help and give a good insight into the recent job market. Unfortunately, the offers are mainly restricted to the US. I would be really keen to have more offers from other countries and I am sure that will happen when more and more people join the network. Great job!

    Philipp Saile, Student of Hydrology
  • I appreciate your efforts to keep all of us informed. I can see that a lot of enthusiasm is present each time you send news on jobs. In our Hydrology community, but also in all geosciences, we need persons with energy in order to move things forward. Thanks a lot!

    Snezana Komatina-Petrovic, Geophysicist
  • So far, the best thing that ever happened to me in my job search was coming across this website. It's the best place for job seekers to market themselves.

    Victor Akogunv, Hydrogeology
  • This site is a very interesting and convenient method to stay abreast of the opportunities and changes in this profession. I really like the ability to see a wide spectrum of openings in a wide-ranging geographic area.

    Dale Buser, Hydrologist
  • I love Get Hydrology Jobs' listing of jobs. It is an easy way to find job opportunities in a career field that I love. Thank you for continuing to provide such a wonderful service!

    Michael R, Grad Student
  • I've been very happy with the response to my job postings and with the response to my troubleshooting inquiries.

    Kevin Gamble, Sr. Recruiter

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